April 10, 20 marked five years since the opening of the nation’s newest port of entry, Boquillas Crossing in Big Bend National Park. Boquillas was originally a mining town which by 1896 had 2000 inhabitants. The mines became unprofitable at a certain point and after Big Bend National Park was inaugurated in June of 1944, the remaining inhabitants of Boquillas del Carmen began to offer an interesting place for tourists to visit, ride a burro, have a meal, beverage, and perhaps venture further south into the remote Maderas del Carmen, since 1994 a Mexican Natural Protected Area.  After the opening of Boquillas Port of Entry, families have returned to their homes and since then over 100,000 visitors haven taken the short boat ride across the Rio Grande to the tiny town lost in time, to ride a burro, eat some tacos, have a refreshing beverage,  and take a time out to enjoy the warm hospitality offered by the people of Boquillas del Carmen.