How does it work?

Row Boat

There is a row boat with a trained oarsman that is available for crossing. The cost is $5 round trip. Tickets can be purchased at Rio Grande Village Store, or directly from a Boquillas Internationally Ferry representative upon landing in Mexico.

Crossing on Foot

When the river is low, some people choose to wade the river, which they do at their own risk. The fees generated by the ferry contribute to the livelihood of the ten people involved in the operation and their families.

Walking to Village

The landing is still approximately one mile from the village, some people choose to walk, and a local guide will accompany you for a gratuity. This is a requirement of  the Federally Protected Natural Area, Maderas del Carmen

Horse or Burro to Village

More popular is the choice to take a horse of burro into town. Horses run $8 per person round trip, and burros $5. A local guide will accompany you, show you the town, and stay close until you are ready to return. Visitors may also ride in a pick up for $5 per head.Gratuities for good service are always appreciated.

Local Handicrafts

Most people who visit Boquillas take a walk through town, where many of the residences display local handicrafts such as wire sculptures of scorpions, road runners, lizards and ocotillos. There are also embroidered textiles and even quilts available. The prices for these are very reasonable.


Most visitors of course enjoy a meal at one of the two local restaurants. Jose Falcon’s restaurant has been a mainstay of the local tourism business for many years. They have recently expanded and have a very pleasant atmosphere overlooking the Rio Grande. Immediately across the street is Boquillas restaurant, operated by another branch of the Falcon family. The food in both places is simple, fresh, and good. Check the menus at both places and see what they have to offer.

Future Offerings

In the near future, more extensive tour offerings will be available such as horse trips to the mouth of Boquillas canyon, trips to the several hot springs nearby, combination of truck and horse trips into the mountains, short canoe trips etc.